Charles River Laboratories

About Charles River Laboratories*

Charles River Laboratories stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of scientific innovation and research support. With a legacy spanning more than 70 years, this global leader plays a pivotal role in the advancement of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Renowned for their comprehensive suite of preclinical and clinical laboratory services, research models, and essential products, Charles River Laboratories is dedicated to expediting the development of life-saving therapies. Their commitment to scientific excellence is evident in the high-quality resources and cutting-edge solutions they provide to researchers and drug developers worldwide. Ethical research practices, animal welfare, and stringent compliance standards form the cornerstone of Charles River Laboratories' operations. Their state-of-the-art facilities reflect an unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards in scientific research while ensuring the safety and efficacy of new treatments. A team of expert scientists, technicians, and professionals collaborates seamlessly to offer tailored, precise, and reliable research support, meeting the diverse needs of their clientele. Their depth of knowledge and innovative solutions empowers the industry to navigate the complexities of drug discovery and development. Charles River Laboratories remains committed to advancing scientific knowledge and improving the quality of life for both people and animals on a global scale. Through their dedication to innovation and scientific progress, they continue to shape a healthier future for all.